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The Bourggaff family

The oldest known information about Bourggaff family is found in a document of the census of 1657, see ....The Family Bourggraff in the Thirty Years' War 

1673 Nicolay Bourggraff was born, he was the son of Michael Bourggraff and Katharina Vorose.Even if the descent of Nicolay and Michael isn`t exactaly documented we can presume that they were the father and grandfather of the Bourggraff brothers. The father Nicolay descended from the house "Burens Sonndag, alias Bourkes"in the village of Trotten. In the middle of the 17th until the end of the 18th century this house name is nearly always related to the Bourggraff family. There are also other indications to confirm this thesis.The Bourggraff brothers are Nikolaus, Joannis, Michael, Vincentius and Joannis.They were born in the early 1700’s in the house "Burens Sonndag, alias Bourkes.Nikolaus married into the Kramp family from Heisdorf. Joannis married into the Hens family in Trotten and the descendants of Joannis lived in the house Burckes.The descendants of the brothers Joannis Bourggraff-Bourckes and Joannis Bourggraff-Hens have to be considered separately.See. The descendants of Joannis Bourggraff-Burckes emigrated to Nothum and Tarchamps. From the Bourggraff-Hens family originated the Professor Pierre Burggraff. The descendants of Nikolaus are named Michael, Jean-Pierre and Mathias Bourggraff. Michael and Jean-Pierre married to Oberbesslingen. Mathias married to Helzingen.Mathias is the grandfather of John Burggraff, who emigrated to Canada and then to the USA/Minnesota.

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