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Priests in the Bourggraff family from the 18th to the 20th century

         There is a exceptionally high number of priests who have emerged from this house.The chronicle of the village    Trotten tells about them: Johann Michel Burggraff became chaplain in Dahl in 1759 where he read early mass from 1761 till 1767. On 20th February 1775 he was appointed pastor of the Blasiuschurch in Berlé (today´s Belgium) where he died on 5th  March 1785.

  1. Johann Michel´s nephew Nikolaus Burggraff was registered as a bachelor at the faculty of arts in Trier (Germany) in 1747. He received the ordination from his father (!) in the presence of the court of justice in Hoffelt (Lux) in April 1751.
  2. Another Nikolaus Burggraff, son of Johann and Maria Catharina Burggraff-Henz studied in Luxemburg and received his ordination by the court in Trotten (Lux) on 5th January 1758. A Nikolaus Burggraff was vicar in Stolzemburg (Lux) in 1771.
  3. Michel Burggraff was a further son of Johann Burggarff-Henz. His father was juror at the court in Trotten. Michel was born on 16th May 1747. He studied in Trier and was ordained priest on 3rd June 1772. Johann Burggraff-Henz was Nikolaus Bourggraff-Cramp´s brother, whose sons Michel and Johann-Peter married to Oberbesslingen (Lux).
  4. There was another priest from Trotten, Leonardus Burggraff. He was Johann Gregor Burggraff´s of the house “Burkessonntag” and his wife´s Anna Margaretha´s son and was baptized on 15th April 1741. He was ordained priest in Trier on 1st June 1765. He was chaplain at the castle of Wiltz (Lux) from 1765 to 1783. On 27th Mrach 1783 he became pastor in Eschweiler/Wiltz (Lux) where he died on 14th April 1817.
  5. Vinzenz Burggraff, a son of Johannes Bourggraff-Burkes, was born on 9th June 1744. He studied in Trier where he was ordained priest on 6th March 1773. He worked in Holzem in the parish Manderfeld (today´s Belgium). During the French Revolution he lived in Trotten where he read early mass. He died there on 21st September 1823.
  6. Nikolaus, a cousin or brother of Vinzenz, was baptized on 24th November 1758. His godfather Nikolaus Burggraff was priest in Trotten. In 1774 he was curate in Brandscheid Bleialf (today´s Germany).He died in July 1793. He appointed his cousin or brother Vinzenz as his universal heir. The will was co-signed by the priests of Bleialf and Manderscheid.
  7. Michel or Johann Michel Bourggraff, a son of Michel Bourggraff-Connart, was born in Oberbesslingen on 21st July 1778 and ordained in Cologne (Germany) on 12th June 1802. He died at the early age of 24 on 15th Ferbruary 1803. In a grave chapel in Oberbesslingen there is a gravestone with the signs of the priest, chalice and candelabra, and the name Michael Burgrave written on it. This is very probably the priest Michael Bourggraff.The register of Pastor Eugen Jost reports about  another son of Michel Bourggraff-Connart. Accordingly to that Paul was born on 13th March 1776 and ordained priest on 19th November 1790. He as well died when he was only 29 years old. Those two brothers lived during the French Revolution, a very difficult time for the clergy.

There are probably no more priests in the Bourggraff´s family until the 20th century.

  1. Balthasar, called Balthes, a son of Nikolaus Bourggraff (a great-grandson of Michael Bourggraff-Connart) and Odile Fis, was born in Oberbesslingen on 19th October 1904. His godfather, his mother´s brother, was the priest Balthasar Fis. In his case it was as for many religious professions: a godfather who was a priest led the godchild the way to the priesthood.

An exception was Pierre Bourggraff who came from the house Hens in Trotten and whose godfather was Petrus Hironymus Valentiny, priest in Oberbesslingen. Pastor Valentiny led the so called Besslinger Akademie (a school for up to 60 children). Even if his godfather financed Pierre´s studies, he didn´t become a priest. Pierre Bourggraff was the first Luxemburgish Professor at the University of Liège (Belgium).

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In the USA,there were two priests. Aloysius and Alvin Burggraff

Aloysius is the son from Henry Burggraff. He is the uncle from Alvin.

Alvin is Henry and Mary’s grandson, and the son of Richard and Anna Burggraff

Father Aloysius Burggraff

  Aloysius und Father Alvin Burggraff

   Father Aloysius Burggraff, was born in Royalton, Minnesota, on July 28, 1898. His grandfather was Jean Bourgraff from Helzingen Luxemburg. Aloysius was an enginee-ring student at the University of Minnesota when the U.S. entered World War I. He promptly joined the U.S. Army Chemical Engineers for the duration.After the war he returned to the U of M and completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in 1920. That same year he entered the Paulist novitiate. He was professed on September 15, 1926 and ordained a priest on June 9, 1927.Immediately after ordination he was appointed the first superior of the new Juniorate in Baltimore, teaching science at the Sulpician St. Charles College as well. After brief assignments as parish assistant and missionary in Minneapolis and Washington he returned to St. Paul's College as both teacher and rector while earning his PhD in Chemistry at Catholic University.  In 1944 Fr. Burggraff became pastor of St. Austin's parish in Austin, Texas, but three years later was transferred to New York City to work at the Information Center at St. Paul the Apostle parish there.By 1952 he was back in Baltimore and director of the Information Center in that city. During this period he worked at the Center, wrote a column for The Baltimore Catholic Review and, in 1960, published his popular "Handbook for New Catholics." By the mid-1960's his health began a steady decline and, when the Information Center moved to a new location in early 1965, he resigned his position and moved to Washington to teach Ethics at St. Paul's College. In May of 1966 he suffered a fatal heart attack. He went away May 29, 1966, 67 years old at the time of his death and did not quite reach his 40th Anniversary of Ordination. He is buried in Baltimore.

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